Mobile Physio Process

We aim to make the mobile physio experience as modern and streamlined as possible to present you a no-fuss experience that makes booking home physiotherapy as easy as ordering an Uber.

If you prefer paper though we can make that happen as well. Either way we have you covered. Give us a call if you need to know any more detail.


Let's take a look at how The Home Physio works and how we take our patients from Pain to Power™.

This road map will give you a good overview of what you can expect with the home physiotherapy process and a sense of how we work to deliver outcomes we can be proud of and stand behind. Home physio is not something to be ventured into lightly. We understand that we are entering your space and we are respectful and sensitive to that. We also see the awesome opportunity presented to us to treat you in an environment that is conducive to your healing.


Physio delivered

This map is meant to outline our process of delivering care to you. We believe in a consultative process between patient and provider. This helps you, our patient, understand how we think and what we aim to do with you at every step of your care plan with The Home Physio.

In-home physio needs to be detailed, purposeful and planned. The Home Physio has worked for years to determine what protocols and processes work best for this unique delivery of physiotherapy and we believe in what we do.